Taras Sobolev

Taras Sobolev

Director of B2B sales  +7 812 327-03-01

In 2008 he started his career at Euromed Clinic as a contact-center specialist and in a while was promoted to the position of the Head of contact-center department.

In 2010 - customer relations manager at Euromed Clinic, аnd later on in 2014 - insurance adjustment manager.

Director of B2B sales at Euromed Group since 2017. In this role he is responsible for B2B partner relationship management for all commercial business units. He generates an individual cooperation plan  to meet all special aspects of your business processes and personality factors.

Taras arranges excursions in our clinics in Russian and English for every partner. This helps you to realize and answer a question of why to give us the power with your most precious possession – health of your children, parents, colleagues, clients, partners and yours.