Management of medical business. Medical development. Expert evaluation of PPP projects. Medical auditing and consulting.

Our specialists can efficiently manage, reorganize and develop medical institutions of all types and sizes.

We offer

  •  Managing and developing various medical businesses in different segments of the market
  •  Monitoring standard operational processes (SOP monitoring)
  •  Business process management (BPM)
  •  Optimizing floor space. Increasing profit per square meter
  •  Analyzing the competitive environment and market requirements
  •  Formulating an optimal set of medical services for a particular organization or business
  •  Managing the quality of a medical service
  •  Drawing up an investment plan
  •  Developing an optimal project finance model
  •  Optimizing the structure of a medical business
  •  Optimizing the management structure of a medical organization
  •  Helping to form a separate managerial group
  •  Forming staff schedules
  •  Searching for and selecting medical, administrative and technical personnel
  •  Forming an optimal staff schedule
  •  Selecting and integrating the optimal medical informatics while taking into account the needs of the organization in question and modern requirements such as:

o   Data protection (privacy) laws;

o   Requirements towards integration with other systems, including laboratory and state (such as the Regional Fund and Social Policy Committee);

o   Requirements towards integration with patients’ electronic health records, the local and federal unified healthcare information systems.

  • Helping with the transition from paper medical records to electronic ones.
  • Helping automatically fill in state statistical report forms.
  • Offering legal support to PPP projects, including the preparation of tender documentation and contracts with the local authorities
  • Preparing your company for sanitary inspections and getting the required Safety and Health Certificates.  
  •  Offering information and PR support for your project 


1 The search for an optimal solution to your problem

  • Medical audit
  • Brainstorming
  • Консультации с компетентами различных уровней

2 An all-round risk analysis

  • Includes economic, financial and legal risks
  • Developing measures aimed at reducing risk probability
  • Scripting response scenarios

3 The development of a work statement

  • Drawing up and approving a basic work statement
  • An analysis and the optimization of the work statement based on known legal, resource related, temporal and other restrictions

4 The selection and supervision of contractors

  • Selecting contractors based on a «price/quality analysis»
  • Overseeing works
  • Adjusting the operational processes

5 Dynamic management at startup

  • Raising a team of managers and medical specialists
  • Promoting patient care standards
  • Fine-tuning logistic plans, etc.

6 Project maintenance and development

  • Monitoring compliance with corporate standards
  • Quality control
  • Overseeing all of the new project’s vital processes
  • Developing the project


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