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Euromed Сlinic

Multi-specialty medical center. Outpatient and inpatient premium class medical services for kids and adults. Euromed Group flagship business

The Project

A multidisciplinary care clinic. One of the first private premium-class clinics in St. Petersburg

Launch Year

1999 г.

Total number of clients

More than 100 000

Total space

More than 3 000 sqm

Distinctive Features

A medical boutique  • Family physicians • 50% of our clients are foreigners • The provider of choice for over 120 large European insurance companies 



Club Format

Euromed was established in 1999 as a “club clinic” – small, expensive and patrician. Our clients are often well-known and important people that are concerned with the reputation and privacy policy of their medical partner – they have to be. Since our clinic cares for a relatively small amount of patients, we can give each one as much time and attention as they desire and need.

International Standards

Euromed is a clinic with European standards. We serve most of the European diplomatic missions in St. Petersburg, the representatives and branch offices of many Western companies, the largest hotels, travel and shipping agencies. This means that we simply have no choice but to comply with international standards. In practice, this means two things. Firstly, we strictly adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine. Secondly, most of or patients are cared for by general practitioners.

Personal Doctors

A personal GP is assigned to every patient of Euromed Clinic. These doctors are not specialized in a single field of medicine and thus able to solve up to 80% of all medical problems in one visit. In cases when the problem lies outside their field of competence, they consult with other, more specialized doctors, and personally control their patients’ treatments. Often, the same doctor will treat a patient’s whole family. As a result, they develop very close relationships, and when both parties trust one another, the speed of recovery rises drastically. 

Not just doctors

We have everything we need to achieve our main goal – treating every patient in the most effective way possible – not only highly qualified and skilled doctors, but also all the resources they may need to work at maximum efficiency.

If inpatient care is required, patients can choose one of five fully equipped suites, some of them with ICU equipment. To speed up diagnostics, most of our lab tests are done in our own. 

Review of project

«We are very close to our patients here. All of our employees know them in person and by name. I would never start a consultation with “Hello, sit down, please tell me what seems to be the problem” – I have the client’s medical history, which, together with the information we receive from our front office, allows me to form an understanding of their problems before they even arrive »

Shavkat Nurmatov

Internal medicine specialist, surgeon.

«To solve any health-related issue, we need to remember that there are always three parties involved: the patient themselves, their illness and their doctor. If the patient chooses to help the doctor, together we can overcome the illness. If, however, they choose to impede us instead, the doctor is powerless. I would like to urge our patients to cooperate with us »

Artyom Shaidenko

Internal medicine specialist, cardiologist, diagnostic ultrasound specialist, intensive care specialist, PhD

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