Project management

Euromed Group

Launch Year      


Total Clients ​

Over 100 000

The Clinic’s Total Area

About 3 000 square meters

Distinctive features


A medical boutique Family physicians 50% of our clients are foreigners The provider of choice for over 120 large European insurance companies

 Not Just Doctors

We have everything we need to achieve our main goal – treating every patient in the most effective way possible – not only highly qualified and skilled doctors,

  • Physicians;
  • Surgeons;
  • Ophthalmologists;
  • Oncologists and more.

but also all the resources they may need to work at maximum efficiency.

Inpatient Facilities

If inpatient care is required, patients can choose one of five fully equipped suites, some of them with ICU equipment. To speed up diagnostics, most of our lab tests are done in our own laboratory, which works for our patients only.

Many of them are ready before the doctor even finishes seeing their patient. Most medicinal products are available in our pharmacy, so our patients do not need to search for them around the city. The list goes on – we are prepared to solve all of our clients’ problems.  


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