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Коммерческая медицина

Euromed Express

Medevac and Emergency Medical Aid Service

The Project

Emergency medical aid, mobile medicine and medevac service

Accompanying Public Events

The official medical partner of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and all large concerts and shows in the city, a partner of APEC and G20 events all over the country

Maximum Efficiency

Five hours after the emergency was called in, a patient from Kizhi (Karelia) was flown to St. Petersburg by helicopter.

Intercontinental Evacuation

The longest medical evacuation Euromed Express has ever carried out took 40 hours – it was trip from Russia to Australia.



Euromed Express offers a private emergency aid service in and around St. Petersburg. Patients are treated by experienced doctors who know how to give everyone the care they require.

Our ambulances start on their way as soon as you call, and a doctor may contact you before they arrive to give some preliminary recommendations. When they make it to the scene, the ambulance crew will do all they can to help the patient, make a preliminary diagnosis and, if necessary, place them in an appropriate hospital.

Our private emergency aid services include emergency diagnostics programs such as:

  • Neurology (acute neurology);
  • Cardiology (acute cardiology);
  • Pulmonology (acute pulmonology);
  • Acute stomach;
  • Limb trauma;
  • Acute head trauma.

Thanks to our emergency aid services, patients can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible and quickly placed in Euromed Clinic or any other medical institution in the city if needed.

Home visits can also include intravenous and intramuscular injections, IVs, bandaging and treating wounds, stitching and removing sutures, catheterization and decatheterization, enemas, gastric lavages, the installation and removal of gastric tubes, or can simply be visits to bedridden patients.

Our company’s clients can also do their lab tests at home.

Home care means thorough diagnostics and a prompt examination of the patient. Apart from our commercial ambulances, we are prepared to offer clinical and biochemical blood tests, stool and urine tests, bacterial culture tests.

Apart from doctors’ home visits for diagnostic and treatment purposes, we offer medical transportation from your home to our clinic and back as well as between medical institutions. Our main aim is to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.

Our paid ambulance service can also transport patients between cities and even abroad, we have all of the required transport and equipment. Euromed Express also offers a special service to senior citizens: they are diagnosed and treated, as well as given all of the necessary medical aid at home.

Our services are paid for by the hour, their quality and our specialists’ responsible approach guarantee our patients’ comfort and safety.

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