Euromed Group - a team of experts in commercial healthcare and public-private partnership management

On the market since 1999

Euromed Group’s portfolio includes a premium-class boutique clinic, a children’s clinic, a center for reproductive medicine (IVF clinic), its own emergency service and other projects of varying scale. 

The Best Staff

A unified knowledge base, unique practical experience, finely tuned internal communications. Some say that the human factor should be listed among the risks of doing business. We are sure that the human factor is one of Euromed Group’s greatest advantages. 

A Quiet Revolution

We are proud to have launched the first PHC public-private partnership in Russia. All you need now to receive treatment in one of our many “Polis” centers is a CHI policy. 

The Visible Hand of the Market

The power of Euromed Group is in our experience with real competition. 15 years on the commercial medicine market have taught us to find and implement complex, long-lasting solutions, effective both from the tactical and strategic points of view.


Alexander Abdin

Managing Partner  +7 812 327-03-01

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«Amazing! It looks like they finally approved an effective modern project and no one stole anything and it was all done for the people. And with pleasure. Peace to you, take care of yourselves»


A client of the Polis. Euromed Group on Koroleva Ave

«To solve any health-related issue, we need to remember that there are always three parties involved: the patient themselves, their illness and their doctor. If the patient chooses to help the doctor, together we can overcome the illness. If, however, they choose to impede us instead, the doctor is powerless. I would like to urge our patients to cooperate with us»

Artyom Shaidenko

Internal medicine specialist, cardiologist, diagnostic ultrasound specialist, intensive care specialist, PhD