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Государственно-частное партнерство

Polis. Euromed Group General Practitioners Medical Centers

18 Polis. Euromed Group offices in rapidly growing areas of St. Petersburg 

7 Polis. Euromed Group medical centers in Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsky Region

More than 1500 outpatient visits every day

The Project

General practitioner offices in rapidly growing areas of St. Petersburg offering free medical aid to anyone with a CHI policy 

Launch Year

The project was launched in 2013. As of now, we have opened units in Primorsky, Pushkinsky, Vybogsky and Krasnoselsky districts of Saint-Petersburg and are serving more than 90 000 people. 12 000 of which are children. Moreover we started regional development in 2014 with 7 centers having been opened in Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsky Region

Distinctive Features

  • The first purely social PPP project in Russia (works only with the CHI fund)
  • 130 general practitioners
  • The whole range of PCP services in a private clinic (consultations, electronic medical records, prescriptions, labs, etc.)
  • Home visits

Polis. Euromed Group is a network of GP centers that offers free qualified medical care to anyone with a CHI policy.  

The patients receive all of our services for free  they are paid for by their insurance companies.

Visiting Polis. Euromed Group:

  • You will find only competent GPs, which have proven their professional qualifications on the job

  • Our clinics are outfitted with all the needed equipment and consumables, so patients don’t have to worry about having to take their own needles to a blood test;

  • Cozy halls and offices, understanding staff and a friendly atmosphere;

  • Clinics work from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at weekends so that our patients can visit their GPs at the most convenient time. 

Statistically, a good GP can and should solve 80% of all his patients’ medical problems. GPs are more qualified than the average therapist, their job is to form a diagnosis based on all of the patient’s problems together. GPs offer prophylactic, medicinal and rehabilitative care personally and only rarely resort to directing their patients to other specialists for additional consultations.

We take all of the factors that affect your health into account. That is exactly the approach that lets us treat your sicknesses, not your symptoms.

Review of project

«When I first visited “Polis”, it made a very good impression on me; a nice, friendly atmosphere, comfort and peace. I was able to get to the specialists I needed right away. Everyone was very considerate, from the receptionist to the doctor. I couldn’t believe that even in our difficult times free medicine can offer so much care and attention. A big thank you to all the center’s staff and management. I was completely thrilled! »

Olga Niyazova

A client of the Polis.General Practitioners center on Koroleva Ave

«I came here completely by accident, because there was no space at the private clinic I sometimes visit and a public clinic was out of the question since I have to take my baby with me (I don’t have anyone to leave him with). I am very grateful to the therapist I went to. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name. As for the office itself, all I can say is that it looks like a large break in the health service industry, we are finally catching up to Europe and I think that that’s great! Thank you!” »


A client of the Polis.General Practitioners center on Malaya Desyatinnaya St.

«Amazing! It looks like they finally approved an effective modern project and no one stole anything and it was all done for the people. And with pleasure. Peace to you, take care of yourselves »


A client of the Polis. Euromed Group on Koroleva Ave

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